"It is of biggest importance to have various platforms to express oneself. Always strive to put your own voice in different lights to see how the reflection comes through in the music".


Karl-Henrik Ousbäck Quartet

consists of Petter Wettre on saxophone, Lage Lund on guitar and Niklas Fernqvist on bass. They play the music of Karl-Henrik and it's as simple as that. .


Somewhere and Somewhen is Karl-Henrik’s own project as it exists on his album with the same name. It consists of a selection of the finest musicians in European jazz. They are all from different generations and backgrounds and this comes through in the music as a transboundary, explosive atmosphere. Five strong personalities come together in a powerful song of freedom song to the past and the future of jazz music.


Petter Wettre (Tenor Sax) is one of the bigest names in European jazz. After his studies at Berklee Collage of Music he returned to Norway to persue a grand career in the Scandinavian countries. He has made 15 records of his own and has played with musicians like George Garzone, Dave Liebman, Joey DeFrancesco, Adam Nussbaum among others. Karl-Henrik serves a part of his trio aswell as his quartet/quintet formats.



Simon Moullier is one of the leading musicians of his generation. He studied the vibraphone at Berklee Collage of Music and The Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz and is now one of the young voices of the New York jazz scene. Karl-Henrik has been a touring member of his various projects from trio to quintet over the years.